Elevate your everyday dinner setting with a customized range of Alfresco tableware that suits your individual style. Mix and match different textures and colors to make for an interesting setting to entertain your family and loved ones. We specialize in mixing the right mixture of charm and functionality in all our products.

Available in all our collections and colors.

Underplates Fancy Edge
36 cm

Underplates Standard
36 cm

Dinner Plates
±30 cm

Fancy Edge Dinner Plates
±29 cm

Side Plates
±20 cm

Fancy Edge Side Plates
±20 cm

Fancy Edge Fish Platters / Side Plates
30L x 20W cm

X-Small Oval Side Plates
21L x 17W cm

Round Soup / Cereal Bowls R/Edge
17 cm diameter

Round Flat Cereal bowls
18 cm diameter

Dessert / Tapas Bowls
14 cm diameter